May 2019

Website Live

Submitted by philwyett on Fri, 05/17/2019 - 17:32

The Kathenas website is now live.

Content will be added over the coming days and weeks.

Work will also continue in the background on the website itself. Have patience if the site is in maintenance mode for a period of time, we will back as soon as possible.



kathenas logoWelcome... Kathenas is the umbrella name and the on-line nickname of Phil Wyett.

On this website, you will find news, tutorials, audio and video that relate to the work and personal activities of Kathenas.

Supporters, Patrons and Sponsors

Thank you for visiting our Supporters, Patrons and Sponsors page.

Here you can see the great people and organisations that contribute to Kathenas. These allow us to continue our work and bring you even more interesting content. If you wish to help, you can become a patron via the button link in the sidebar or please contact me and let's discuss support and/or sponsors.